6 Common Myths of Back Pain


  1. Everyone has back pain, it's common and normal to see
    Back pain is common worldwide, but it's not normal. In fact, it's so common now that you almost feel abnormal if you do not have it. Obesity is common to see, but it's not normal or healthy.

  2. Exercising & stretching is all I need to do
    Exercising may actually cause more damage with some back problems. If you hit a pothole with your car and knock your wheel out of alignment, you would not think to drive it faster and further to fix it. Exercising with a misalignment can cause more damage to the disc and promote arthritis and inflammation.

  3. MRI & x-rays will show all my back problems
    Many patients will say the doctor told them their x-rays were just fine. Radiographs and CT scans are just a part of the puzzle and need to be correlated with a proper history, consultation, orthopedic and neurological examination. Most spinal problems do not show up on x-rays until there is 40% or more loss of function and arthritis. This is why we use motion x-rays, to better see joint dysfunction and misalignments.

  4. Back pain that comes and goes is not a problem
    These are dangerous terms and people minimize their problems by thinking they just slept wrong or this is normal for my age. When back pain comes and goes, it's a dangerous situation that needs attention.  It's similar to the warning light in your car, something's getting ready to break. 

  5. Drugs or surgery (medical doctor) are the only way to correct your back pain
    This is false.  Over 45 people a day loose their lives to opiates and medication. Patients that seek medical care or physical therapy first have a higher chance of developing chronic conditions. 

  6. Back pain is a normal part of aging
    That statement is false as well.  With proper care, your back can last as long as the other joints in your body. A combination of regular chiropractic adjustments, proper diet and exercise will help ensure a long and healthy life. Most back problems are a result of injuries that were not properly cared for.

Back problems can come from many sources, let us help you get back in the game.