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Are you having allergy problems? Below are a few tips to you help you feel better and avoid dangerous medications. 

Common allergy medications could damage brain, increase dementia risk
Many over-the-counter medications come with a list of potential side effects, but do people actually read and take the advisements under consideration?
Every mucosal surface on your body is colonized by a distinct group of microbes, including your gut, lungs, and nasal passages. Far from causing harm, these microbes “teach” your immune system to tolerate dietary proteins and other harmless allergens in the environment. 
Odds & Ends
Poor sleep is linked to aggressive forms of breast cancer, a twofold greater risk of developing prostate cancer, and a 50% increased colorectal cancer.
Are achy bones keeping you from sleeping? Spinal health is more than just back pain, it can affect everything from tip to tale.
NSAIDs, (ibuprofen) chronic use increases risk of heart attack.
Researchers have known for more than a decade that the risk of heart disease and stroke increases when people take pain relievers like ibuprofen.
Probiotics halted tumor growth by 50% and increased the life span of mice with cancer by 4-fold.
In the Cancer Research paper, Schiestl and his team showed that the lymphoma took significantly longer to form in mice with beneficial bacteria (another reason to take probiotics and eat fiber, fiber feeds the good guys).