The importance of rest and good friends


The importance of rest and good friends

A healthy balance between the yin and the yang (rest and activity) is needed so you can look, feel and perform your best. If one of these elements is missing, then you don't run on all eight cylinders.

"Birds of a feather flock together"

Famous quote used by my Mom in an attempt to get me from hanging out with the not-so-good group. Same thing I'll tell you, if you want to start living better, you need to find a better group of birds to hang out with. Who do you know that goes to the gym on a regular basis? Walks every day? Eats better than you do? Meditates? Prays? Does yoga? 

Change what you read on Facebook.

Facebook can burn up a lot of time if you let it.   As they say, the free advise was worth every penny; and there's a lot of advise on there. I've recently learned how to make a page of Paleo bloggers and inspirational people that I like to follow. Now, my Facebook is filled with the how-to of diet and exercise, not Hip Hendersonville's newest villain (bottom left of your home pages is an "interest" button, click the cog to make a group). Here is a great quote I picked up today:

"Act as if every action you take (good or bad) will become universal law."


How Do You Want To Spend Your Last 10 Years?

This short video asks a great question:  How do you want to spend your last 10 years?  Check it out and grab a hankie, you'll need it.


I believe it's never too late to start a healthy lifestyle.  First and foremost, you need to take care of your spine and nervous system. Maintenance care isn't just for cars.  It's not covered by insurance, but it will keep you as bullet proof as possible.

Links from the world of health, cut & pasted for you :

Dr. Travis from The Doctors TV show turns to Chiropractic to avoid surgery.
Shut the front door!

Short sleep duration associated with osteoporosis
Sleeping less than 6 hours a night is associated with an increase in osteoporosis.
Are you not sleeping well due to neck or back pain? 

Vegetarian diet associated with an elevated risk of mental disorders, but not shown to cause mental disorders. I think the title says it all.

A good reason to adding some aerobic exercise to your resistance training  may grow new neurons in the brain.
Exercise increases the brains ability to learn and retain more information.
Heart attack risk is reduced by up to 50% from just 30 minutes of moderate exercise five out of seven days a week. 
And you'll be able to remember where you left your keys.
Opioid painkillers, the most common prescribed drug for cancer pain, caused cancer cells to metastasize 20x faster.

If pain killers allow cancer cells to metastasize 20 times faster, then it should stand to reason that use of pain killers will increase your risk of cancer by 20% or more (I'm bad at math).

Vinegar may help treat ulcerative colitis by suppressing inflammation & increasing good gut bacteria.
I would have thought just the opposite, and I bet your doctor does as well. I've been using apple cider vinegar on my salads, and I've noticed some improvements overall in the basement. 

Depression symptoms were reduced by 40% from an exercise and meditation routine, done twice a week for 2 months.
You'll be able to find your keys and feel better about it as well, bonus points!

Children born to obese women with type 2 diabetes are more than four times as likely to be diagnosed with autism.
The health of the soil determines the health of the crops.