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New Patients

Welcome to Tankersley Chiropractic! In our inviting practice environment, you’ll be greeted with a smile or a friendly hello; you’ll quickly know that you’re in a different kind of healthcare practice—one that’s warm, not clinical.
New Patient Paperwork

The First Visit

First, we will have you complete some new patient paperwork. If you prefer to talk less, then we encourage to write in greater detail about what has brought you into the office. Then we will go back into the exam room. Dr. Craig will ask you what he can do for you today.

He wants you to tell him what’s bothering you the most and what’s important to you. Once we determine that we will take X-rays on-site try to determine where the problem is coming from. Ninety percent of the information he needs will be found on your X-rays. Then he will provide a relief treatment. “I never got anyone better with words or a pen but instead with my hands.”

Please allow 10-15 minutes to complete paperwork and up to 10 minutes meeting with Dr. Craig. The total time for this initial appointment is usually around thirty minutes.

Here’s a short video to walk you through our office:     Office Walk Through

The Second Visit

At this appointment, Dr. Craig will communicate what chiropractors do and will determine your ideal course of care, depending on the severity of your condition. After you meet with him and have your questions answered, Nicole at the front desk will review your insurance coverage with you.

Please allow around thirty minutes for this appointment.

How are Adjustments Performed

Below are a few videos of Dr. Craig adjusting kids and adults. Traditional chiropractic adjustments are performed using a technique called Diversified. It is a blend of several techniques that involve high speed low amplitude (fast and light) adjustments.  Prone Specific technique is a the what’s used when adjusting children and seniors or those that don’t want to hear any cracking noise.

The New Patient Journey

After Dr. Craig goes over your condition with you, you’ll visit with Nicole to discuss charges and scheduling. We offer different care plans depending on what the patient needs and expects.

Crisis Care
Everyone starts here, our job during this period is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Rehabilitative Care
During this phase we need you to exercise and stretch every day. I’ll need your help during this phase to retrain the body on how to move correctly.

Wellness Care
Regular adjustments will keep you out of Crisis Care, stop the arthritic process associated with spinal problems and give you the energy and drive to do more than ever.

Regardless of what Dr. Craig recommends he always tells patients that there’s a Plan A and a Plan B. It’s your job to choose which plan fits your schedule and budget, which ever plan you choose he will be there to support you.

Regular Visits

These visits are brief at 10-15 minutes from door to door. You will first do intersegmental traction for three minutes followed by a chiropractic adjustment that takes just 1-2 minutes. Then, Dr. Craig will perform a full spine adjustment plus an adjustment to the extremities depending on your condition.

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