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What Vitamins Should I Take?

Where can I buy vitamins? 
Wellevate is an on line dispensary where you can find my recommendated vitamin brands as well as other brands you like. I have a 15% discount set up for my patients. You can find more at

Hormanal Balance, hot flashes, menstrual dysfunction​  

Kids Health

7 Natural Ways to Treat Ear Infections

The Dr's Wolfsen list 7 home remedies to help your child overcome their ear infection.

10 Ways to Detox From Vaccines

You may have noticed a lot of controversy around the concept of health through vaccination. The science behind vaccination is solid, the problem is the medical community does not typically follow the science, they follow the manufactures recommendations. The Dr's Wolfsen have 10 ways to help you and your family detoxify from vaccines that are required for work or school.

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