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Watch this short powerful video on the difference between a long health span vs. a long life span.


Video: Exercise & Stretching

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Functional training programs should include moving fast, lifting heavy things and mobility. Here's my favorite place to do all the above.

Fitforce Gym
Fitforce gym focuses on core work, strength (weight lifting), and conditioning. The weight lifting portion is based on your max rep, the amount you can lift, push or pull at one time. You'll use a percentage of your max rep during the workouts to avoid injuries and make the workout "doable". Most gyms of this nature assign one weight for everyone and you're left to figure out what works best for you, not a good idea. The conditioning classes are modified so that everyone works out, bands are provided to assist with pull-ups, some run, some do air squats, some do lunges. Coach Robbie won't let what you can not do interfere with what you can do, you must "Do The Work" to get the results.


What Vitamins Should I Take?

Womens Health​

My wife begin using this produce and has seen great improvements in both hormonal balance, energy and regularity. This product combined with a healthy diet and regular adjustments can help you with menstrual dysfunction and hot flashes associated with menopause.
MAKE sure you find the "what Maca should I take" picture/link and fill out the questionnaire.

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