A Solution to a Problem You Don’t Have


"If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it"- or so the saying goes. But what if you don’t know it’s broken or not working properly? We don’t have a “check body" light on our dashboard and, therefore, don’t know that something’s not quite right until we spring a leak or feel pain. A primary reason is because our medical system and our medical model is not set up to deal with chronic diseases.

From the Beginning...

Our medical system evolved during a time when the main challenges were acute conditions in nature. The top three causes of death in the 1900’s were typhoid, tuberculosis, and pneumonia, which were all acute infectious diseases. Other reasons were broken bones, appendicitis, stiches, or treatment related to injuries of some kind; and that treatment was relativity simple, a stitch here, a cast there or antibiotics for infections as they became available.

Today's Healthcare...

Today, we live in a totally different world with different problems.  Seven out of ten deaths are caused by chronic disease. Over 86% of the healthcare dollars we spend, that’s 99% of Medicare dollars, go towards treating preventable chronic diseases.

Doctors in this new healthcare model have incentives that are not part of the conversation today. Let’s say you have high cholesterol, your doctor will offer you two options. The first option is to get yourself on a healthy diet, cut out refined processed foods and sugar, get to a gym 4-5 times a week, and start sleeping better. The other option is to take medication, which is covered by your insurance, the first option isn’t. Guess which option most people pick?

Here’s the major problem with the second option. First, you’re not fixing anything, just delaying the problem. Second, the drug company is going to pay for that statin drug by subsidizing it in some way that you won’t see. You’ll never see the true cost of taking it until it’s too late.

So, the question is, do you want to fix a problem you don’t see yet or do you want to wait until you have a problem to fix?

Our Approach...

The Chiropractic Lifestyle incorporates the idea that I might have something wrong or not quite right with me. Therefore, I am going to eat 2/3’s vegetables and 1/3 meat and skip the refined processed foods. I am going to workout 4-5 times a week. I am going to get 8 hours of sleep a night. I am going to get checked for spinal problems I don’t feel yet, just like I get my teeth checked for problems I don’t know about. I AM going to be different.

When you’re ready to take care of yourself and not rely on others to pay for it, you will have the health and freedom that once seemed impossible.

If this is not for you, I understand. It’s not easy to do and I know this from experience. It’s not easy to step out of the herd and be different. It requires more work and more money. This might not be a good time for you and that’s okay, but don’t wait until time runs out to course-correct and try something different. Either way, we’ll be here for you.