Real Life: My Wife's Chiropractic Story

Chiropractic, diet, and exercise are what your body needs to feel and stay young, to be able to play. As we age we start to lose a little bit of this “play” along the way and we don’t notice the small bites taken out of our health as the months and years roll by. Your health is what allows you to play, to have a playful sprint, to explore, to just have fun. As our health declines so does our interest in playing, we don’t move like we used to. We don’t run, jump, hoop and holler at the wind, we start to sit. And sitting can cause just as many problems as accidents or injuries.

The soft tissues that hold us together (ligaments) have limitations on what they can handle, car wreck, slip and falls and extended time sitting are examples of stress that the body can not adapt to and damage occurs. If a joint is damaged by an injury it will never recover at 100%, it is left with a permanent dysfunction that over time, wears the joint out. This could be your knee, your elbow, or your neck. This is what we look for and this is what causes 90% of the symptoms that lead people to medical doctors. A spinal dysfunction can cause muscle spasms, joint pain, radicular pain, as well as organ dysfunction. Things just don’t work right.

Chiropractic is the art and science of locating the dysfunction in a joint and correcting it. Spinal joint dysfunction is the number one cause of headaches, neck and lower back pain as well as colicky babies and women with crappy periods. It is also the number one cause of aging, as you don’t feel like playing, you feel like sitting.

But chiropractic can’t fix everything, you also need to check your diet and exercise habits if you want to play with the big boys. I have 1000’s of stories about patients that could barley walk when I first met them and 1-2 months later they were back to running and jumping. But this is not one of those stories.


Below is the story of a patient that Chiropractic could not help, and that patient was my wife. Her symptoms slowly got worse and it started to interfere with her work, her ability to sit in church, her joy, her “play”. I hope her story will inspire you to look at all aspects of your life, your body or spinal health, your diet and your exercise routine. If you are lacking in any one area you may find yourself in the same situation. Here is Laurie’s story.

Somewhere around eight months ago, I started having a lot of issues with my right arm. It started out with just a lot of pain, and it eventually moved into pain with a vibration type feeling that extended to my fingertips. A little bit of the back story is that I was sitting at a desk all day that wasn't't computer friendly and I also had a breast MRI where they had me in a position with my arm over my head for 45 minutes. When they sat me up, my arm was completely dead and very painful. I don't think the vibrations had started at this point though. My husband thought all of this was due to a pinched nerve and he told me over and over again that, in addition to chiropractic, I needed to exercise more and CHANGE MY DIET. Needless to say, I didn't't listen to his advice which, in retrospect, was a warning! (Spouses, how do you give advice? I didn't do so well. - CT)

Fast forward to November 2017, I came under the care of a functional medicine doctor for, what I thought was, maintenance care. I had some aches and pains but overall was feeling pretty good. My 50th birthday is coming up and I just wanted to make sure my health was in good check. I first met with his nurse practitioner. After spending about three hours with her going over my history with a fine-tooth comb, she ordered a ton of blood work along with a metals test and a test to evaluate my nutrient levels. She was also suspicious of Lyme disease but wanted to hold off on testing that until my blood work came back. In addition, they wanted me to do a 28-day detox. I decided to put that off until after the holidays. Big mistake!

A few weeks after my initial visit, I woke up one morning to find that both of my legs were now vibrating as well. The day after that, I woke up and my legs were twitching all over. This twitching was in the rest of my body as well, but it was worse in my legs. I was in total panic mode by this point. I called the doctor and they switched my magnesium to a different kind and told me to take Epson salt baths at least three or four times a week. This helped tremendously with the twitching but not entirely. In addition, my blood work had come back, and they put me on heavy doses of iron (potential cause, gluten allergy CT) and some other supplements.

When I met with the nurse practitioner for my follow-up, I realized that my health was nowhere near what I thought it was. Actually, it was quite the opposite, my health was in dire straits. As we sat and went over my blood work, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She told me that my iron was so low, if it was a point lower, she would've recommended a blood transfusion. My nutrient levels were completely out of whack. There was also indication of Hashimoto's as well as Lyme disease and I had toxic levels of lead in my body.

Luckily, I had started the 28-day detox at this point. Little did I know how important that would become. She also told me that after my detox was finished they would like me to continue with a restricted diet of no gluten, dairy, eggs and some other things, but those are the big ones. They also ordered a Lyme test at this point.

I continued with my detox and, as each week went by, I noticed I was improving little by little. First, the majority of the twitching went away. Then the vibrations started to subside. When I went to my follow up three days ago, I was only feeling vibrations in my left calf and my right arm. Then to my amazement, I woke up this morning with no vibrations at all!!! The Lyme test did come back positive and I am currently doing a homeopathic treatment.

Unfortunately, a bunch of little things that I thought were no big deal, spiraled out of control, literally, overnight; and I truly believe that my terrible food choices were the straw that broke the camel's back!! However, with my new-found knowledge about nutrition, thanks to the Wahls Protocol (the old, "you are what you eat" is NO JOKE), I feel like I am on the path to better lifelong health; AND I will start listening to my husband because he REALLY knows what he's talking about :)

Would a medical doctor have offered this advice to you? I doubt it, and that’s what makes us different. If you know someone that could benefit from this message please forward it, a life could be changed forever or possibly saved by doing so. 

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