There's More to Life Than Health

There’s more to life than food. . .

And there’s more to life than Health, or that’s what people tell me. 

I write a lot about food, exercise, and staying healthy with regular chiropractic adjustments. It’s easy for me to explain how diet can affect your body, it’s obvious what happens when we don’t eat right (we get fat). What’s not obvious is how it clogs up your arteries and causes gut issues. 

It’s easy to explain the benefits of exercise, what’s not obvious is how well you can perform. There are a lot of healthy-looking people that can’t run more than 5 minutes without running out of gas. 

What isn’t so simple is your spinal health; you can’t measure it like your weight or by how much you can lift or run. So how do you measure it? By your ability to live your dreams.

What is your ability to "live your dreams”?


Can you live your dreams of getting on the floor and playing with your kids or your grandkids? Not sort of play, don’t minimize this question or try to BS yourself- can you really play with them? Can you sit through a movie or watch your daughter play sports? How about playing yourself like climbing a tree just for fun, whacking crap with a stick, or jumping in a puddle without pulling your hamstring?

Living your dreams is more than just being pain-free, and spinal health is more than just getting rid of neck and back pain. When you lack spinal health you don’t feel like doing much, you feel okay with just being average. 

Spinal health is something that is slowly lost, just like your ability to play is gradually lost or pushed to the “I used to” file. As this happens your educated brain- all the stuff you learned from parents, school, and Dr. Google- tells you this is normal. That’s more BS; it’s a Belief System that you’ve bought into and now will defend with your educated brain. 

The spine is the control center of your Universal Intelligence

Chiropractic deals with the innate brain, the brain that can take a hamburger and turn it into muscle, bone, and blood; the brain that controls your immune system and your ability to survive in this world of poisons and germs. Innate Intelligence is also known as Universal Intelligence, the stuff that holds the sun, moon, and stars together. The same thing that holds the atoms and molecules together is what holds you together. You have Universal Intelligence running through your body, and the primary communication network for all of this is your spine. 

Don’t wait till you start running low on joy to get adjusted or checked, as pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away. We’re here to help you start playing again, start truly enjoying life and not just living it.